Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas from Saint Therese!

This year's Christmas card features the Terhaars.

Ray and Carol Terhaar’s Saint Therese story began nearly 40 years ago when Carol was the personnel manager at the New Hope campus. The couple raised four children in the New Hope community; all of whom worked in various positions at Saint Therese.

"Ray was the only one who never worked at Saint Therese," Carol said with a smile. "We needed someone to pay for our gas and keep the lights on while the rest of us went back and forth to Saint Therese."

In their retirement, Carol became a volunteer and was a past-president of the Saint Therese Auxiliary while Ray spent more time perfecting his woodcarving skills. In 2011 the couple moved to the Saint Therese at Oxbow Lake campus.

"We love it here," Carol said. "It has all been a great adventure and now we have made a full circle back to Saint Therese."

Saint Therese is honored and blessed by families like the Terhaars.

(Woodcarving pictured right by Ray Terhaar.)

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