Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Constant Advocate

Long-time donor Anne Dolan Kelly supports seniors, Saint Therese.

Each and every day Saint Therese is honored by individuals and organizations that support the company’s dedication to the well-being of each individual. Without generous donations made by these individuals, Saint Therese would not be able to provide the quality of care and compassion offered.

 Through the support of individuals like Anne Dolan Kelly, Saint Therese has remained a leader in senior care in the Twin Cities metro area.

Anne Dolan Kelly has been a champion for philanthropy at Saint Therese for nearly 30 years.

She was first introduced to Saint Therese by Betty Hidding, a close friend and founder of Saint Therese. Later, Anne’s aunt lived at Saint Therese for several years. Inspired by the exceptional care and values of the staff caring for her family member, Anne quickly became involved as a volunteer and fundraiser.

Fundraising was a natural fit for Anne. She joined the Saint Therese Auxiliary and helped to raise funds for the Saint Therese of New Hope care center. She was also instrumental in the planning of the Associate Dinner for many years.

Over the years, Anne’s commitment to Saint Therese was strengthened. As a member of the Saint Therese Board of Directors and Development Committee, Anne was always finding ways to inspire her friends and networks to become involved. Many current Board Members and donors today can trace their involvement back to Anne.

Anne also became a member of the Heritage Society. The Heritage society recognizes those who support the mission of Saint Therese through their wills, estate plans or charitable life income arrangements.

When asked why she decided to include Saint Therese as a beneficiary on her life insurance policy, Anne said “I believed that if I was going to be representing Saint Therese, I should be committed to giving generously myself.”

Over 30 years later, Anne continues to advocate for seniors still. She offers her unwavering support and thoughtful ideas for many Saint Therese events, as well as providing suggestions to the Saint Therese Foundation for individuals to get in contact with regarding donations.

Saint Therese is blessed to have an advocate like Anne Dolan Kelly.

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