Thursday, August 18, 2016

Enhancing Education While Honoring Staff

Donors establish educational scholarship in honor of beloved therapist

Saint Therese serves nearly 1,000 people each day. Many of those individuals are supported by the efforts and expertise of the rehab division of Saint Therese called Saint Therese Rehab (STR).

Mark Stanfield was a physical therapist for STR at the Saint Therese of New Hope campus. He began his career at Saint Therese in August 2007; he was hired as a physical therapist to support the development of the Better Balance for a Better Life program.

“Mark was adored by residents, tenants and staff,” said Amy Taylor-Greengard, Executive Director of Saint Therese Rehab. “His easy going attitude and commitment to physical therapy made him a favorite among many at Saint Therese.”

Mark supported a variety of patients as they recovered from illness, injury or surgery. He was instrumental in establishing the therapy clinic in the apartment building at New Hope. Mark made a difference in so many ways, to so many lives, as he took the time to make sure each individual he worked with felt heard and that their concerns were addressed.

Tragically, in the summer of 2015, STR therapist Mark Stanfield unexpectedly passed away. As the Saint Therese community mourned the loss of their therapist, co-worker and friend, the wheels began turning on the best way to memorialize Mark’s commitment to physical therapy, seniors and personal development.

Mark’s Legacy
Taylor-Greengard shared that Mark was always looking for ways to improve the rehabilitation experience for residents and tenants through education, “the education of his own interest, of his fellow therapists and of the individuals and families he served,” she said.

“When we started receiving memorial gifts in honor of Mark we knew we wanted to do something special; something Mark would have wanted,” said Taylor-Greengard. “We wanted to recognize his dedication and commitment to professional development.”

Therefore, the Saint Therese Foundation along with generous support from Mark’s family, the Mark Stanfield Memorial Scholarship was established, shortly after his death.

Candidates for the Mark Stanfield Memorial Scholarship must be full-time therapists at Saint Therese Rehab in physical, occupational or speech therapy. Recipients are nominated by their peers as someone who emulates Mark’s commitment to serving others by providing an exceptional level of compassionate care, as well as a drive for continued excellence in their field over the past year.

“We’ve chosen to award one recipient each October for at least the next 10 years,” said Taylor-Greengard. “The therapist will receive a $500 scholarship to be applied toward continuing education in their area of interest.”

Additionally, each recipient’s name and year awarded, will be engraved on a plaque showcased in the rehab gym at the New Hope and Oxbow Lake campuses.

The First Recipient
In October of 2015 the Saint Therese Foundation awarded the first recipient of the award: Iva Carey. With 30 years of dedication to her profession, Iva delivers quality, compassionate and personalized physical therapy to those in need.

According to the STR staff, Iva has demonstrated her commitment to providing superior care by earning her certification in NDT (Neuro-Development Technique) and by becoming a Geriatric Clinical Specialist. Additionally, she serves as STR’s Clinical Mentor for the University of Minnesota’s Geriatric Clinical Residency program as well as operating as the lead physical therapist at New Hope.

“Iva consistently goes the extra step to support patients and other therapists to ensure the best outcome possible and states she ‘really enjoys her patient care time,’” said Taylor-Greengard.
Iva plans to use her scholarship to pursue additional education related to treatment of neurological disorders and treatment of balance disorders.

“We are just thrilled to be able to offer this scholarship in memory of Mark,” said Taylor-Greengard. “We truly believe he would be proud knowing others will carry on his commitment to our field.”

If you would like more information about the Mark Stanfield Memorial Scholarship call 952.283.2217.

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